Titan Motorsports Returns

Saje brings long time teammate Rebel back into the fold as well as long time league competitor Mondo and new teammate Evo.

This Season is our BETA

This Season is our first back on XBOX in a very long time. There is a group of people involved in this league that have played a key part in having very successful NASCAR leagues that have lasted for several year. The one thing that is clear is this game is far from perfect but it is an improvement. There will be rule changes and guideline changes until we find what works best. So for the first season bare with us things could get dicey at times but we will navigate our way through things and find a level of consistency. 

Sincerely, Saje

                RACE # 1 - POCONO 

 SEPTEMBER 28TH 2017 - 9PM Eastern

Qualifying Begins at - 9PM Eastern 

(Be there on time or risk getting left behind) 

Qualifying is a 7 % room with no flags. Run you're quickest time. 

The Race will begin right after qualifying is over. 

100 Laps... Estimated end time 10:30pm E


The league that started off as TNT NASCAR back in 2008 and eventually evolved into SPEED AFFAIR and spun off The Fusion Series and The Anarchy Motorsports Series returns home to Xbox with The Speed Affair name. Our first season begins Sep. 28th at Pocono. Season One we will be running The Xfinity 


    Race # 2 - Auto Club

Thursday October 5th 

9 pm Eastern 

Note* The track map shown to the left is the sports car circuit. 

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