Rules & Guidelines








There will be segments and after each Segment the winner will be rewarded (1) Bonus Point for The Regular Season.


The Race winner will be rewarded (1) Bonus Point for The Regular Season and 1 Bonus Point for The Playoffs. That Bonus Point will only apply to the first round of the playoffs.


If there is a tie at the end of the playoff round the tie breaker will go to the driver with the most wins, if they are tied it will be the driver with the best average finishing position.


15 Drivers will make The Playoffs the first season. This is a 20 driver league the first season. So 75% of the field will make The Playoffs.


The Points will reset after each additional Playoff Round.


You will receive 1 additional Bonus Point for qualifying on the pole during The Regular Season only!


Rounds 2-3 and the 4th and final round will be determined by finishing position.


Finishing Points


1st Place - 20 Points

2nd Place - 19 Points

3rd Place - 18 Points

4th place - 17 Points

5th place - 16 Points...

all the way down to 20th place receiving one point.


2. Cautions


We want as much green flag racing as possible. This is not a joke if you are going to constantly wreck people and not drive seriously than you will be dealt with. You will be removed and replaced with someone who wants to have an authentic racing experience whether you are racing for 1st or 13th.


3. Provisional's


Look we all have lives now and some of us are a lot older than we we're back when this all started in 2008. We want people to be able to contend even if they can't make it to all the races. Drivers will be provided with Three Provisional's During the regular season and one during the chase.


A Provisional will only be given to you if you come on this very facebook group and post it personally. We live in a tech savy era and it takes less than 1 minute to post "I need a provisional."


Lets say 12 of the 20 cars show up for race # 1 and four of the guys who didn't show called provisional's and four who didn't show don't call for a provisional. The drivers who do call for a provisional will receive 13th place finishing points cause there are 12 drivers racing. The drivers who don't call for a provisional will receive zero. Drivers have up to 30 minutes before race time to call a provisional.


4. Teams


Teams are allowed up to four drivers max. They do not have to use the same car manufacture "this year"


Team Championship reward


The team that wins the team championship will get to choose 1 regular season race next year and 1 Playoff Race.


5. Discipline


There will be no personal attacks made to anyone. If it's approved you are bullying or issuing threats you will be gone. Zero Tolerance.




Race others how you want to be race as long as you are actually racing but the second you're feud with someone else takes out innocent by standards you both will be punished accordingly


7. Naming Rights..


All Naming rights to this league belong to Rob Canum


8. League Commish


That would be me Shawn Geroux. I will due what's necessary to protect the integrity of the league while allowing us to function.


9. Competition Board


There will be a competition board announced to go over discipline actions and rule changes and anything else that might need to be dealt with.


The Board = TBA


10. Awards what we can tell you is the driver that wins the championship will receive an award!


11. Playoff Eliminations


Race # 1 - 15,14, 13 get eliminated

Race # 2 - 12,11 get eliminated

Race # 3 - 9, 8 get eliminated

Race # 4 - 7 cars battle it out for The Championship

The first season schedule is small and the majority of the races will take place on Thursday nights with the occasional Sunday race.


There are no set ups in this league.


Fuel and Tire wear will be determined on a race by race basis.


There will be two race chats.

We cannot stress enough that if you're internet connection is causing issue's you won't be able to participate. 

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